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Refrigerator Repair


A refrigerator is a very handy appliance to have in this day in age, preventing our perishable foods from spoiling too fast. We often don’t appreciate our refrigerator appliance until it’s too late and breaks down out of nowhere. Our team at Appliance Repair Pros Winnipeg know that you work hard to put groceries in the fridge to feed your family, and they are not cheap either. Our team of refrigerator repair technicians understand potential cost of that lost food and will work with your schedule to fix whatever the appliance repair issue maybe.

From a malfunctioning motor to a missing seal on the fridge door or perhaps it’s just due to your appliance leaking or not as cold as it should be. Either way our skilled refrigerator repair technicians come equipped with their mobile units to repair your refrigerator appliance as swiftly and professionally as possible.

When our team of professional refrigerator repair technicians are on site, they will get your fridge back to running like new in no time. Contact our customer service department 7 days a week to have one of our refrigerator repair technicians at your side in a matter of minutes.  That we may show you just how proficient our appliance repair techs are on all your refrigerator repair needs right there on the spot.


Most customers wait till last minute to call an appliance repair technician thinking that the noise or the leaking will stop on its own. When in fact your refrigerator appliance will just get worse and eventually stop working. Don’t wait till it’s too late! Call us at Appliance Repair Pros Winnipeg to jump to fixing your refrigerator appliance today. Our skilled refrigerator repair technicians are on standby ready and willing to assist our customers with all their appliance repair issues. Our refrigerator repair technicians arrive in their mobile service units filled with all the tools and parts needed to complete any refrigerator repair service that you may have.

We make it our quality parts accessible for our refrigerator repair technicians to repair any issue that arises, hence why it is simple to see that we are the number one appliance repair company in Winnipeg year after year. A few of the features that set us apart from other refrigerator repair technicians in the area include the parts and tools necessary to handle any job (no matter how big or small of a job), Licensed and insured technicians who are ready to work as soon as they arrive on site, and finally the ability to respond to your issue the same day as it happened.

If our team of qualified refrigerator repair technicians say they will be there at a specific time, you can be sure they absolutely will be. Here at Winnipeg Appliance Repair Pros we know every bit of time is precious and we assure you that our refrigerator repair experts will not waste any of it by allowing you to wait for your refrigerator repair service. Don’t waste any more time and call us at Appliance Repair Pros In Winnipeg to get started today on your refrigerator repair now.

Local Winnipeg Refrigerator Repair


Whether your refrigerator is located in a residential or commercial building, keeping a close eye on any signs of a malfunctioning refrigerator is essential. In case you may not know what to look for, our team of qualified refrigerator repair technicians are here to help. They will provide upkeep tips and instructions to prevent a reoccurrence of the issue.

Winnipeg Refrigerator Repair Services

Appliance Repair Pros Winnipeg’s local professional appliance repair technicians provide our customers with swift quality service every time they are on the job. We believe customer service is key to our accomplishments and that is why we work in your home as if we are working at our own. we will continue to meet and exceed your expectations every time. Winnipeg Appliance Repair Pros pay the highest care and attention to detail on all projects we work on, ensuring that our refrigerator repair technicians techs take care of your refrigerator appliance.

Don’t put off calling an appliance repair technician, the problem will just get increasingly worse. Our team of refrigerator repair technicians are on standby waiting to assist you with your refrigerator repair. From installing a new motor in your LG, replacing the seal on the door of your Whirlpool or replacing the coils in your older model Kenmore. Appliance Repair Pros In Winnipeg is the call you need to make today, we are ready to make a bad day better for our customers.


The Freezer Has Begun To Pile On Ice Onto Everything

One of the most obvious signs you might notice, is that your freezer is starting to be similar to an iceberg. Although you clearly want a freezer to keep your food in its intended frozen state, it’s not normal for you to have to carve ice off to reach your bag of peas. If this ends up being something you are experiencing, then you should look into getting your fridge looked at by a refrigerator repair technician.

You Overhear Your Fridge Motor Running

An ongoing rattle or hum can be an issue. if any noise persists for a long while after you open the doors then you should call an appliance repair technician to come over and take a closer look. While fridges typically are not always the quietest appliances, you shouldn’t notice noise coming from it while it is running.